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Arabella Bengson, World Champion Speaker

Though English is not her mother tongue, she graduated with a B.A. “magna cum laude”.   She taught at Ateneo University while completing her M.A. in Social Psychology and obtained her M.A. in Speech at the University of Hawaii where she taught Public Speaking.

  • A former Bell Canada Training Manager, she is the only Canadian woman to win the “World Championship of Public Speaking” – one of only four women in the world to have done so.
  • A former Toronto University instructor and a lifelong learner, Arabella also completed numerous training workshops, including Accelerated Learning and Brain-Based Strategies.
  • As speaker and accelerated learning trainer, she presented at many international conventions and had a speaking tour of South-East Asia.
  • A former corporation and association executive, Arabella was the first woman president of the Ontario Speakers Association which became the  Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.
  • She is an international speaker, trainer and speech coach with Toronto as home base—until 2007 when she relocated to the beautiful Comox Valley, in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Here’s a historical photo, showing that the early part of your career need not be the best years of your life.                        

Arabella Bengson, World Championship Speaker 1986


Arabella, at 2017, is the only woman world champion speaker who is still alive and well, demonstrating longevity, joy of life, engaging and inspiring everyone to perform at their best, and enjoy the wondrous process

In part-time retirement, Arabella enjoys speaking, coaching, dancing, dragon boating, and presenting at different conferences—including Speakers – round the globe and living her golden years to the fullest.

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